Solo Superior Magnesium 375mg



Solo Superior Magnesium provides an easily absorbed and effective form of magnesium. It is bonded with citric acid for easier assimilation and absorption. Magnesium is a very common deficiency in the average adults diet. Magnesium is found naturally in green, leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds. If your diet includes few of these foods, it is likely that a magnesium deficiency will occur. It is particularly important for bone health as it helps to maintain bone density. It may help to prevent bone conditions such as osteoporosis. It is also, however, required for optimum health of the nervous system. It may also help to maintain healthy muscles. Magnesium is also believed to be beneficial for heart health. Those suffering from heart disease are often found to have low, inadequate levels of magnesium in their heart. Magnesium also helps with the maintenance and absorption of calcium. Solo Superior Magnesium is a high quality magnesium supplement. With a one a day formula, it provides a convenient method of maintaining a healthy magnesium intake. This supplement is suitable for vegetarians. It is free from common allergens such as gluten, soya, lactose and wheat. It does not contain any added salt, artificial preservatives or colours.


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