Sambucol Black Elderberry Immuno Forte Liquid – Sugar Free


Sambucol Black Elderberry – Immuno Forte + Sugar Free is a liquid food supplement designed to strengthen and support the immune system. This supplement contains AntiVirin®, which is an anti-viral agent designed to fight off viral infections as well as strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C and Zinc are also added to boost this supplements potency, and they may help reduce the symptoms of a cold or flu. They are also a source of antioxidants, as well as the naturally occurring flavanoids in elderberry. Antioxidants are necessary, as they maintain internal immune balance and offer cell protections from the damage caused by free radicals. Sambucol Black Elderberry is a non-drowsy supplement.


Sambucol is a great tasting natural elderberry syrup designed to provide immune system support with high levels of antioxidants. This liquid is a non-drowsy, alcohol free and added sugar free formula with no artificial colours or flavours. It is gluten free and suitable for vegans. Also suitable for children from 3 years+.

Recommended Daily Dose: Adults: 10-15ml (2-3 teaspoons). Children 3-12 Years: 5-10ml (1-2 teaspoons). For Winter Use: Adults: 10-15ml (2-3 teaspoons) four times daily. Children 3-12 Years: 5-10ml (1-2 teaspoons) twice daily.


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