Pukka Turmeric Gold

Pukka Turmeric Gold is an inspired new tea, which blends a totally unique set of ingredients together to create an experience what won’t soon again be matched. The key ingredient in this blend is obviously turmeric, which gives the tea its pleasant aroma and warmth that leaves you feeling invigorated. This sits atop a base of Vietnamese green tea which lightens the flavour and has many positive properties, including detoxification and antioxidants. To balance out the powerful turmeric, a selection of lemon derived ingredients such as whole lemon peel and vana tulsi leaf give the tea a much needed taste of citrus which cuts through the spice, and makes the tea smell even more wonderful. Licorice has also been added for some additional sweetness. Pukka Teas are naturally caffeine free.

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Turmeric root (40%), Suoi Gang green tea (20%), licorice root*, cardamom pod, lemon Vana tulsi leaf, lemon essential oil flavour (6%), whole lemon (6%). *Certified FairWild


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