Lavera Hydro Effect Day Cream – 50ml – For all skin types


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Protect your skin from the harmful environmental pollutants with Lavera Hydro Effect Day Cream. Your skin is laid bare to the environmental influences which attack skin cells and affect the natural protection mechanism leading to loss of moisture and suppleness. The unique anti-pollution complex of organic algae and natural anti-oxidants in this anti-pollution moisturiser, gives intense moisture, protects skin cells and slows down skin ageing caused by the environment.

Lavera Hydro Effect Day Cream has a light texture, non greasy and easily absorbs into the skin giving lasting hydration and moisture, skin feels soft and supple and of course, naturally beautiful all day long.

Yes Suitable for all skin types
Yes Strengthens the Skin Barrier
Yes Protects your skin from environmental influences
Yes Slows down environmentally induced skin ageing
Yes Gives intense moisture
Yes Soft and supple skin.
Yes Suitable for vegans
Yes Not tested on animals
Yes No parabens, phthalets, SLS/SLES, petrochemical ingredients
Yes No synthetic fragrances, colourants and preservatives


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