Irish Botanica Cordyceps Mushroom – 60 Capsules


Irish Botanica Cordyceps is a natural food supplement made from the cordyceps sinensis mushroom. Cordyceps can have a number of positive effects on the user including increasing stamina and endurance, boosting the immune system and improving libido. Cordyceps may help your stamina and endurance by promoting better oxygen efficiency, increasing ATP (energy) synthesis, enhancing recovery and reducing muscle soreness. For its immune boosting effects, cordyceps can help by increasing the cell activity, fighting viruses and infections quicker. It may help those with a weakened immune system. Cordyceps can also help improve the libido of men and women, increase sperm count and an increase in hormone levels for both men and women.


Research has shown that medicinal mushrooms have properties that can help protect human health. Cordyceps Mushroom have been used by Himalayans for centuries for this very reason. Irish Botanica Cordyceps Mushroom contain anti-viral properties as well as helping to maintain the body’s energy levels and supporting the liver, kidneys and lungs. Cordyceps Mushroom may also help with sexual performance. Irish Botanica Cordyceps Mushrooms food supplements are specially formulated to therapeutic strength, are sourced and produced ethically and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Key Benefits:
Antiviral Properties
Supports lungs, liver and kidneys
Sourced and produced ethically


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